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Dell recommends Windows 8.

Howard M. Cohen

Howard M. Cohen is the chief blogger here at Migration Expert Zone. He has 30 years of IT channel executive experience, and he writes extensively on IT topics including virtualization, infrastructure, cloud, and desktop management. We hope you find his real-world insights and observations on Windows Client and Windows Server migration projects invaluable for your organization's migration and deployment plans. He has written previously for VARBusiness, Redmond Channel Partner, Microsoft, and many top solution providers. Howard is also a U.S. Board member—and New York City Chapter President—of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners.

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Why Dell

  • Making Tablets and Touch Devices Work for Government: The Promise and the Practicality of Mobile Devices

    Government workers need greater mobility to get their jobs done in today's challenging times. But not all tablets and touch devices are created equal, and a free-for-all bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach can undermine your organization's stability, efficiency and security. This issue brief provides a guide to integrating tablets and touch devices into your public sector IT enterprise in a way that will deliver real results - and real productivity.

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  • Agency Transformation With Mobility Solutions

    The work environment at government agencies is changing rapidly, with employees seeking access to private networks, applications and content from a variety of consumer devices, many of which are personally owned. This paper presents the opportunities and challenges of BYOD, as well as guidelines for implementing mobility programs that can help improve security, increase productivity, and help modernize your agency.

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  • Transforming Higher Education with Mobility Solutions

    For higher education IT departments, bring your own device (BYOD) is already a reality, whether or not they have specific BYOD policies in place.  While in some ways, colleges and universities are better prepared to deal with the BYOD trend than other organizations, the ability to offer device choice without sacrificing control or increasing security risks has become the new measure of success for higher education IT organizations. This white paper offers a strategic guide for colleges and universities considering BYOD support models.

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  • Tablets in the Workplace: Why They Can Work as a Primary Device

    Tablets have shown the most explosive growth of any device over the past three years. Management teams love them for their portability and access to email, but broader teams have struggled with using tablets as their primary device. Concerns about application access, business usability, security, and management have all slowed the growth of tablets across a wide variety of business use cases.Watch this On Demand event to learn how tablets can be incorporated into a variety of functions across healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and more.

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