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Dell recommends Windows 8.


  • Getting the Most out of Your Windows Upgrade

    How will the end of Microsoft® XP support impact your organization? While a timely OS migration eases immediate IT concerns, it may have the added benefit of helping to drive larger business goals. Learn from an expert ways to achieve greater automation and reduce licensing costs while increasing manageability and security.Download this webcast by Dell and discover how you can:•    Accelerate your move to modern Windows•    Enable user self-service migrations and builds•    Protect data like never before•    Prepare for mobility, virtualization and other growing trends

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  • Windows Upgrade: Key Processes And Resources Revealed

    The end of Windows XP support is quickly approaching yet many organizations still have users on XP with legacy applications. Now is the time to seek the help needed to upgrade outdated hardware and migrate compatible hardware before XP support ends. Watch this on demand webcast to learn how.

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  • Enhancing Mobility and Productivity via Touch Devices and Windows 8

    On Demand Webcast:  Which end user touch devices are right for your organization? If you are not sure of the answer, then you are not alone. Today's tablets, ultrabooks, and laptops are designed with customized user experiences and needs in mind, but for IT management, unlocking the right combination for business needs may be a mystery. Join this webcast to learn more about ways to enhance productivity through both Windows 8 and new touch devices. Register today to learn more about new end-user solutions and about how to integrate Windows 8 for best results within your organization.

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  • BYOD: Enabling Productivity Without Sacrificing IT Control

    On Demand Webcast:  Has the bring-your-own-device wave hit your organization? If not, it will; and if so, now is the time to consider the implications of balancing employee productivity with hardware and application security and support, as well as defining the proper policies and levels of acceptable risk around BYOD. As more and more IT Professionals struggle to incorporate personally owned laptops, tablets, and smart phones under the corporate infrastructure, certain challenges must be addressed. This webcast will help answer the "How-to" questions around juggling a diverse set of devices and operating systems as well as maintaining oversight of data and application use.

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  • Gaining Ground on BYOD Problems with Windows & Service Providers

    This eSeminar will look at a few of the key steps that IT Professionals should be considering as they move to a more secure and better managed BYOD environment.

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  • Avoiding the 7 Pitfalls of Windows 7 Adoptions: An Expert's Perspective

    Watch this On Demand eSeminar and learn best practices to drive efficiency and improve migration results. Complete your project on time and on budget.

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  • Mitigating the Aggravation in Your Windows 7 Migration

    Armed with the latest research, experts at this online event will help you to identify and mitigate potential issues you may encounter on your path to migration. But this eSeminar doesn't stop there. In addition to pointing you in the right direction, industry experts will showcase Windows 7 best practices designed to truly drive efficiency and improve results. We will also examine how other enterprise and public sector organizations have made the best use of service providers and the benefits received.

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  • Windows 7 Migration - Real World Experiences

    As the movement to Windows 7 picks up a great deal of momentum, and the implementations start to multiply, it's critical for internal IT staffs to develop an efficient and effective plan for this migration. In many cases, this additional task load can be a real back breaker for IT, and for this reason, many organizations are working with service providers to get the job done. This webcast will provide you with the details you need on how many of your peers are maximizing internal and external resources to make the move. In addition, we'll touch on key issues such as using new PCs for W7 deployment, data migration issues, and how to insure you are maximizing your security solutions.

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  • Best Practices for Windows 7 Deployment - Dell's Expertise and Experience Simplify the Process

    Windows 7 has become an important product and a key platform as we look at the improvements in security, usability, management all aspects that not only make for efficient IT but also for protected IT. Join featured speaker Eric Delasalice, End User Practice Director with Dell, as he covers the various OS functions and features that Windows 7 brings forth to the enterprise and all the business benefits to gain from a Windows 7 deployment.

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  • Simple Solutions to Application Compatibility Issues for Windows 7 Migration

    To get to Windows 7 one of the first tasks is to look at application compatibility, make plans, identify any issues and move forward. This is to eliminate any surprises during deployment. Join featured speaker, Jefferson Raley, Manager, End User Computing, ProConsult from Dell, as he goes into detail on how to make a smooth migration into Windows 7 and which compatibility issues to avoid.

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  • See the Latest Windows 7 News

    Two Windows gurus discuss the latest Windows 7 news. The operating system was designed using feedback from customers to simplify users' PC experience. Watch the video to learn more about the new and improved features of Windows 7.

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  • How to Be Ready for Windows 7

    Today, IT professionals are mandated to lower operating costs, enhance security, and simplify both systems administration and management. Yet, challenges persist in the realm of End User/Client Computing. Simply put, IT needs have evolved greatly since 2002, when XP was initially designed. As a result, business costs are rising for desktop and notebook PC ownership while it's becoming unfeasible for IT professionals to ensure robust security needs.

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